House for Sale Charlottesville Albemarle Country Virginia: How to market yourself as a real estate agent effectively and successfully

House for Sale Charlottesville Albemarle Country Virginia:  How to market yourself as a real estate agent effectively and successfully online with video

THE RULES HAVE CHANGED FOREVER!!!  MediaVizual DOMINATES late weekend Page Ranking Polls…..Video Creation & You Tube Engineering  Catapult Local Charlottesville Brokerage owner, Bill May’s Video Release Party to VIP status…..BILL MAY IS…….


Bill May is handed the 2nd Organic Listing over night on the Front Page of the search “House for Sale Charlottesville Virginia”!!!!!! 

 The office is still speechless from the never before thought possible, 24 hour, page ranking mega assault crafted and executed by Video SEO Company MEDIAVIZUAL.

In a Dominating fashion on friday night, just 30 Days into beginning a project for ERA Bill May Realty Company, MediaVizual let it all hang out and locked down the office for the weekend.  The GOAL?  See if 72 hour organic first page listing for the top phrase in the local Real; Estate Market, “house for sale Charlottesville, Va”……….

After the again unseen before instant rise onto the first pages in many of the LTKW strategy avenues in only the first two weeks, it began to beg the question, leading down to this weekend…….what was MediaVizual Capable of, when it came to the goal of overall successful online marketing for small and local business? In this two part Special Edition, I leave you with what was the weekend Mission Impossible MediaVizual Mobile Mission: to secure at minimum one organic first page listing on any one of the three top search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo.  

So late friday night I final got enough videos together to do a large upload and then later use those videos to craft, or engineer a methodology to get where you want to go…..

Let’s face it….these day’s a Realtor without the internet is a fish out of water.  With four or five conglomerate housing marketing sites that dominate home searches it’s hard to not let them just do the work for you right?  And trust me, that was most likely, more than good enough once upon a time before the new algorithm took control of page ranking and all of a sudden EVERY REAL ESTATE AGENT IN THE COUNTRY HAS AN OPPORTUNITY that’s never before been possible, and the reward is very steep, with buy in costing a mere blend of passion, interest, and follow through…..nothing you weren’t going to have to do anyway right?


  If I had to tell you that marketing yourself as a real estate agent could only be one way, and you had to pick one, I bet the vast majority of us would be able to acknowledge that the internet is where almost everyone goes to get their information, whether it be looking up a restaurant of finding a home for sale.
If we can agree that given one option, we’d take the internet as the preferred platform and vessel with which to best market one’s home for sale in Charlottesville Virginia..

That’s one side of the coin and both of these first two stories will be revisited in the next episode of “Front Page”, but till then, please allow me to have the pleasure of introducing such an honorable guest as the one and only BIll May of ERA Bill May Realty Co……!!!!!

House for sale in Charlottesville Albemarle County, How to sell my house Cville Virginia

House for sale in Charlottesville or Albemarle County Virginia?  Better get ERA Bill May Realty and see if your home qualifies for the ERA Guaranteed Sales Plan.  If your home qualifies, within a reasonable sales period, if your home doesn’t sell, well here’s how it work’s…”Your Home is SOLD”

Houses for Sale in Charlottesville Albemarle County, Best Real Estate Agents and Best Custom Home builders Cville Va

Houses for Sale in Charlottesville Albemarle County, Best Real Estate Agents and Best Custom Home builders Cville Va

How to sell houses in Albemarle County Virginia: local broker vows commitment to exceptional service and reveals more on his Guaranteed Sales Plan…..

What it takes to be Successful in Real Estate, with 43 years experience, Bill May, owner of ERA Bill May, reveals the secrets to his long time successes, in this online Real Estate Educational Blog segment “Your Home is Sold”, sold with ERA Bill May Realty…

Houses for Sale in Charlottesville Albemarle County, Best Real Estate Agents and Best Custom Home builders Cville Va
Being the best is about character, it’s about commitment, it’s about perseverance, it’s about passion….
These are the qualities that Bill May, owner of local Charlottesville Real Estate Brokerage, stressed in an hour long interview last week.  He was ‘on the stand’ talking about his ERA Guaranteed sales plan, and how after 43 years of hard work, in the Charlottesville and Albemarle community, he could sit right here and comfortably say….

“Your Home is Sold”

If your home qualifies for the ERA Bill May Guaranteed sales plan, then here’s how it works…………..”Your Home is SOLD”.    One of the many topics discussed in an hour long interview with the very successful and passionate local Brokerage owner, Bill May, of Bill May Realty.

Bill May went on to talk about his vested interests and passionate commitment to real estate, but more interestingly, he spoke about the future.  He talked about how Bill May was a man who saw things through.  That didn’t stop until the ‘home is sold’, if you will……He talked about what it takes to be a leader, and the responsibilities incumbent upon you as a Broker, and he spoke about his office of Real Estate agents that he calls family…..

Join MediaVizual, on it’s Investigative Marketing Report, as it continues to keep you up to date on Real Estate in Virginia, how to buy and sell houses in Albemarle County, how to do Video SEO for your online marketing campaigns, and much much more.

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“I guarantee that you will be treated to the exceptional service you deserve when buying a home, or you can email me anytime…[email protected]” -Owner, Bill May, ERA Bill May Realty

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